Anonymous asked:

And I appreciate you getting that it all comes down to taste, and that the last line was just a joke, but it still rubbed me the wrong way that you are showing females how to draw vaginas correctly. But, like you said, it's all up to taste. (Pt. 2)

chillax annon, someone pointed that out prior to you that it was condescending (i still dont get it well what it means, but its like telling people they’re no good and below others or something like that) i apologized, and all yo, tbh yeah that last part was a joke but eh guess people aint used to that, other than that, I WILL CONQUER THE TF PORN REALM, AND BOMBARD THE FANDOM WITH LOADS AND LOADS OF STRAIGHT NON GAY ROBOT KLANGINGS, TO THE POINT WHERE ONLY THE SWEET EMBRACE OF DELETED BLOGS WILL BRING THEM PEACE -laughs manaicaly-………if i ever get off my lazy off to do so, but its cool.

also jelly dong isnt fully explained but its something i pooped out fast, i took my inspiration from TFA’s protoforms, since they’re kidna jellly-ish/slimey (so it can literaly take any shape or form you want, there is no limit to what it can be, one penis? try SIX PENI, tired of normal shape? go fucking kabonkers with its look, they’re transformers, they dont have a limit to what it can beeee, hahaha)